UKQS means a british quality and a world prestige...


British History prestigious certificate dates back to 1881 when England was ruled by Queen Victoria I. In that year he was born, Sir Alexander Fleming, a British microbiologist and professor at the University of London, who later invented the first antibiotic - penicillin.
In London at the time, he lived a kind of businessman John Murphy, who favored and demanded high quality. He met then with Mr. Charles Fox, then a sort of "auditor" and founded the now-defunct company LONDON QUALITY CERTIFICATION, which focused on the quality of the product (the product) and the quality of service (system). Created when certain quality standards, which subsequently allowed to enroll at the Assay Office in London. Companies, which had reached the required quality level was relatively low and the price per certificate was high enough. Anyway, it's over 10 years, word got around London and the certificate began to require more and more entrepreneurs and clients.
In 1910, the service reached beyond the borders of London. In 1919, shortly after the first World War, John Murphy dies. Its 50% stake takes his son John Murphy jr., Which unfortunately does not understand its role and in 1925 sold its stake Charles Fox. Shortly after that comes the global economic crisis 30s of the 20th century and the 2nd World War, when the dying also the second of the founders Charles Fox.
After World War II tries to everyone, not only in England galvanize the economy. Company takes over Charles' grandson James and his wife. who has the daunting task of re-start certify quality companies and products. In 1973 the company sold the company WORLD TRADE QUALITY, extending over the next 30 years of my service to other countries of the former Western Europe (especially Germany and Spain). The company then receives a new name LONDON QUALITY QUALITY CARE LTD occupies second place in the context of quality in the services.
In 2014, the company buys American financier William Lewis, and in 2015 founded the company UKQS CERTIFICATION and UNITED KINGDOM QUALITY SYSTEM LTD. The company provides its services as part of their quality and standards of any industry. In August 2015 we enter into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
RESPONSIBILITY - QUALITY - SAFETY are the three main aspects of the brand UKQS.
If you know that you meet all the above standards and want to own a quality certificate UKQS, please contact us




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